Caricatures inspired by “One Hundred Clowns”

The Cultural Revolution in Images -- Caricature-Posters from Guangzhou 1966-1977

This section contains caricatures of politicians, intellectuals, and artists attacked during the Cultural Revolution. Most of these satirical portraits are copies of the poster “One Hundred Clowns” (百醜圖, Baichou tu). Only twelve out of the one hundred caricatures of the original posters appear in the collection: maybe the Red Guard group selected some specific images on purpose, or simply the remaining eighty-eight have been lost.

Besides the portraits inspired by “One Hundred Clowns”, this section includes two caricatures strictly related to the cultural scene of Guangzhou. The first is a caricature of painter Guan Shanyue 關山月 (1912-2000), one of the major exponents of the Lingnan School of painting. Before the Cultural Revolution, Guan Shanyue held several professorial positions at various art academies in Guangzhou (Sullivan, 2006: 45). In this cartoon, he is accused of being politically connected with Tao Zhu. The second is a caricature of Hongxiannü, the pseudonym of Kuang Jianlian 鄺健廉 (1924 -2013), one of the most famous Cantonese opera actresses. 

Sullivan, Michael. Modern Chinese Artists: A Biographical Dictionary. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2006.