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About the Repository

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Digital Repository is a one-stop repository for accessing all the publicly available digital content created and maintained by the CUHK Library. The Library has started creating its digital collections since 1995 with the purposes to preserve significant academic and intellectual work from the Library’s special collections and donation, some of which are not available elsewhere in Hong Kong; to promote access and sharing of these materials; and to support research and learning. The Library has now built a substantial mass of millions of digital files in different areas ranging from literature, culture, arts, politics, society and religion and different formats including rare/semi rare books, journal articles, correspondences and manuscripts, oracle bones, photos, and audio-visual files.

In 2014, the Library decided to use open source software to build this new repository system, in order to bring all the digital content into a single platform that supports browse, search and retrieval across all digital collections in multiple formats; enables open access, allows discoverability of the content, is capable of handling digital objects in perpetuity, and provide functions for the selection, organization and maintenance of these collections. The old collections will be migrated in phases to the repository while new ones will be added continually.

Digital Services team of Research Support & Digital Initiatives is pleased to offer this platform and interested to partner with the University community in the creation and dissemination of digital collections. We are particularly keen to develop these collections to support research, teaching and learning activities, and to incorporate digital scholarship tools into these collections to support digital scholarship research. Please contact our team or e-mail to digitization@lib.cuhk.edu.hk if you think the Library can collaborate with you.


Contact Us

We would like to partner with you for the development and creation of digital collections. Please contact us at digitization@lib.cuhk.edu.hk, or submit enquiry form below.  You are also welcome to contact us for any questions relating to digital collections or this platform.

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